It is important for employees to report any injury or near miss as soon as possible. When these events happen, they are investigated, which helps to understand the causes, introduce corrective measures, and help prevent future occurrences. Following accident or near miss investigations HMPPS work with unions and safety representatives to ensure that appropriate actions are put in place to prevent recurrence.

Online Health, Safety and Fire event reporting portal

In 2023 an online health, safety and fire event reporting portal was introduced to allow any person working in any HMPPS location to report an accident, near miss, work related injury or fire event.

How to access the health and safety event reporting portal

The health and safety event reporting portal can be accessed in a number of ways:


Scan 📱

Click 🖱️

Visit 💻


Click here to access

HMPPS Intranet:

Click: Services and tools for staff

Then: Accident, near miss, work related injury or fire incident reporting


Key fobs

In March 2024, all locations will be distributing key fobs to staff to help promote the online reporting portal, local health and safety teams have received these and will be responsible for local distribution. These fobs are a useful tool to assist staff in accessing the appropriate reporting platform swiftly. 

User accounts and passwords are not required.

The system requires no user account to access – simply use the methods listed above to open the reporting portal.

What happens with the information submitted?

Upon completion of a report, you will be provided with a reference number for your records. The information provided will be logged for investigation.  Please contact your local health, safety and fire team for any information or updates.

Who to contact if you have trouble recording a health and safety event:

If you have any issues when recording a health and safety event, please contact your local health, safety and fire team.


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